Please read the COVID safety requirements established by The Crossing Community Church.  All particpants must adhere to these policies in order for us to use their facility.  

The Crossing Community Church (TCCC) welcomes you.

Be aware that TCCC has implemented professionally recommended strategies to help prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Those strategies alone will not conquer the virus. We all have roles to play in that effort, so please be active participants in that effort as we move to indoor environments for the winter.
Please continue to practice all of the strategies we have been learning since March, 2020.

In addition, please adhere to the requests and strategies listed below in order to provide the healthiest environment possible for all who visit and work here.

1.- Sign Waiver (Included with your registration)

2.- .- Perform and document health checks each training day prior to arriving at the facility. This Applies to Coaches and Players. A link will be provided to a form which must be completed before each session.

3.- Face Masks (completely covering nose and mouth) Are Mandatory for ALL at ALL Times while on TCCC property. Car Door to Car Door. This applies to Players, Parents and Coaches.
a.- Face Mask Exception for Players Only: Players Must Have Face Masks In Their Possession At All Times. Players are encouraged to continue wearing face masks during practice. Players can remove face masks while drinking water or sports drink. Players may also remove face masks while practicing if they experience difficulty breathing while practicing. BUT, if face masks are removed, Players must keep their face masks in their possession at all times.

4.- Social Distancing Is Mandatory for ALL at ALL Times while on the TCCC property. Car Door to Car Door. 
a.- Maintain Social Distance of at least 6 feet between others at all times while outside of your car and inside the facility. 
b.- Social Distancing Exception: There is only one condition of exception to Social Distancing. The exception is only for Coaches and Players while actively practicing. During water breaks players water and gear bags shall be placed at least 6 feet apart.  

5.- Arrival and Departure Times and Procedures.
a.- Plan your arrival time to be parked and exiting your car AT the scheduled start time of your player's session.
     i.- 4:00 First Class ARRIVAL Time = 4:00.  (5:20 Second Class ARRIVAL Time = 5:20)
     ii.- Players and Parents wear face masks prior to exiting the car. 
     iii.- Parents may walk with their players to the Gym, but then please return to your car until the end of the session. 
b.- Departure Time will be 70 minutes after Arrival Time. 10 minutes added to ensure 60 minutes of practice (including water breaks and transition time).
     i.- 5:10 First Class DEPARTURE Time.  (6:30 Second Class DEPARTURE Time = 6:30)
     ii.- 5:10 First Class Players depart Gym and building.  (6:30 Second Class Players depart)
     iii.- Parents can return to the Gym to walk with their player back to the car. Again, wear face masks and apply social distancing at all times.

6.- Required Player Gear for Every Practice:
a.- Face mask.
b.- Flat soled athletic shoes. No cleats. No studded turf shoes.
c.- Water (preferred) or sports drink.
     i.- Send your player in with "More-Than-Enough" they will need during and after practice.
     ii.- Instruct your players, "Do not share drinks!" 
     iii.- The drinking fountains at the facility have been removed from service to minimize contact surface transfer.
d.- Size 4 ball, properly inflated.
e.- Shin guards completely concealed by socks.